Mission Statement

North Coast Community Homes (NCCH) develops and maintains safe, comfortable, and affordable housing of high quality for individuals with developmental disabilities, mental illness, and other disabilities. 

Community Based Housing

Community based housing enables persons with disabilities to live just like anyone else — in their own community and in their own home. They can go to work during the week, enjoy leisure time activities on the weekends and in the evenings, and receive more personalized supervision and care by support care organizations.

North Coast Community Homes (NCCH) works with local realtors to find the best possible properties for special needs housing. Efforts concentrate on placing our residents in neighborhoods of their choice and dispersing homes throughout the various municipalities and townships in each county we serve.

For men and women who have developmental disabilities, NCCH typically develops two types of rental properties for four or fewer individuals per home — one type of home for individuals who are ambulatory, and one for persons who have more significant disabilities and generally use wheelchairs.

This latter type of home must be fully accessible and requires modifications that are far more extensive and expensive than a home for people who are ambulatory.

Men and women with mental illness, for whom we provide homes in Summit County, typically live independently in an apartment in a multi-unit building, or in a private home which has been developed to allow each person to have their own private living unit.

Over the years North Coast Community Homes has also developed licensed residential care facilities for five or more people with developmental disabilities, facilities that are operated by the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities.