Strong Desire for Independence

Pam Polterec

Pam Polterec says it was her “strong desire for independence” which inspired her to become a North Coast Community Homes resident more than 20 years ago.  After her parents passed away, Pam, who uses a wheelchair, went to live in a nursing home.  When the opportunity to join NCCH presented itself, Pam enthusiastically made the move and hasn’t looked back.

“This is a whole lot different,” she beams, “we can do what we want when we want.”  Pam has bonded with her North Olmsted housemates who share the same enthusiasm for their independent lifestyle, which includes going to dances and picnics together.
Being part of the NCCH family for so long gives her a broad perspective on the quality of life possible in one our homes, and of the high quality of the home itself.  “North Coast builds good homes for good people,” is how Pam sums it up.
There are many more people waiting for homes than we can currently provide.  Your gift today will help us build more of those “good homes for good people.”  Can others like Pam count on you? Donate, now.

NCCH & NCAH 2016-2017 Annual Meeting

Thank you to all who attended the North Coast Community Homes and North Coast Accessible Homes 2016-2017 Annual Meeting Empowered. By Design, on Thursday, January 26, 2017. It was a wonderful evening with over 240 guests in attendance. The event would not have been possible without the generosity of our sponsors, panel of experts, hardworking staff, and those who continually support our mission and what we do. We thank you!

To view photos of the event, please click here

A Death in Our Family

Robert Jeppe 1970-2017

Our North Coast Community Homes family had the sad occasion to say goodbye to one of our own recently, as long time resident Robert "Bobby" Jeppe died at the age of 47.  Robert lived in one of our homes in Bay Village, and had been with us more than 23 years.  On his application to become an NCCH resident in the early 1990's, Robert had indicated his desire to "be more independent," and that is just what he found as a member of our family.

At the memorial service at Robert's home, his mother Mabel said of North Coast Community Homes, "You gave him a chance at life.  Robert made a life for himself on his own, and you were a big part of that.  I'd say it was a miracle."  His sister, Diana Janosik, felt the same way.  "North Coast was a big part of his independence," she said, "and our family is grateful."

Friends and caregivers joined family members at the service, where Robert's love of Cleveland sports, especially the Cavs and Browns, was recalled.  "Every time the Cavs won he got really excited," Robert's housemate Laverne told the gathering.  Robert, who used a wheelchair, attended one of the Cavs games in the Eastern Conference Finals during their 2016 championship season.

His direct care providers from Our Lady of the Wayside and the hospice team which helped care for Robert in his final days agreed "there was just something about that man."  Here at North Coast Community Homes, it was our honor to have played a role in Robert's quest for independence and fulfillment.  Thanks to his own efforts and the help of many people, it appears he achieved it.  May he rest in peace.  

"In my home, I can make my own decisions."

North Coast Community Homes has provided solutions to many families over 30 years, and that is what gave confidence to Michele Humphrey, when caring for her brother became too physically demanding.  “My Mom was introduced to North Coast, and that was one of the best things that happened.”

She clearly remembers the day many years ago her brother, Raynelle Teague, became an NCCH resident on the West Side.  “Now he has independence,” Humphrey confirms, “living where he’s able to make decisions.  He is able to do things through North Coast again that he was not able to do at home.”  Raynelle flashes his agreement with a broad smile and an easy laugh.

“Sometimes I get a little jealous and envious of Ray,” his sister admits, “because he gets to experience life on a whole new level.  My family has peace.  We know he is in good hands and is happy.”

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