Time to turn your attention to the lawn

In my last blog entry I told you not to worry – that the early sprouting daffodils would survive the early spring and come to full bloom.  Well, they have done just that at most of our NCCH homes, and in front of our office building as you see by the photo! (In the post entry)  Since that worked out well, it’s now time to turn your attention to the lawn.
Having cared for hundreds of lawns over many years, I’ve made a checklist which should help every homeowner.  Check out the tips in the blog post entry.


-Jimmy Blackburn

Will My Daffodils Survive?

So, my daffodils are coming up already.  Should I worry?  Many people across Northeast Ohio are asking that question, and we here at North Coast Community Homes have witnessed daffodils popping up at many of our homes, too.  

As the Landscape Manager here at NCCH, with the responsibility for keeping dozens of homes looking great on the outside, the best advice I can give right now is not to worry, and don't do anything to try to help the bulbs. They may bloom a month earlier than usual, or they might even bloom pretty much on schedule, that is if it takes a long time for the soil to warm up in the spring.

Either way they should be just fine.  Daffodil leaves are tough and the flowers are safe inside the bulbs. Just let them be, and they'll be just fine.  That’s the approach we’re taking as we care for the landscaping at our NCCH homes.  -- Jimmy Blackburn

Welcome to Our New Website!

Welcome to our new North Coast Community Homes website!  We hope you like the bright, new look and all the great stories about how this mission you support is changing the lives of so many people.  Since our first home opened more than 30 years ago, over a thousand men and women with developmental disabilities, mental illness, and other disabilities from all across Northeast Ohio have found homes with us.  That would not have been possible without off of you who have given of your time, talent, and treasure to make sure our residents have safe, comfortable, and affordable homes which provide the opportunity to thrive with maximum independence.

Our new website will not only feature stories about our residents and their homes, but will share with you the many ways North Coast Community Homes is thinking ahead to meet their needs, and to make sure they are truly part of the neighborhoods in which they live.  Our talented staff members will share their knowledge, too.  Being responsible for the upkeep of hundreds of homes inside and out brings a wealth of experience that every homeowner will want to know!  Check our blog posts often.

We’ll also keep you informed about the latest news that affects the lives of people who have disabilities, their families and caregivers, friends and neighbors.  And we would very much like to hear from you. Your insights, experiences, and comments are valuable, as together we keep building a community that continues to be welcoming to all the residents of North Coast Community Homes.