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Project:     Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland – Website Review and Update

Date:          June 6, 2018


Executive Summary

North Coast Community Homes (NCCH) provides high quality, community-based homes throughout Northeast Ohio for people with developmental disabilities, severe mental illness, and other disabilities. Many of the wonderful individuals we serve have no family or have aging parents who can’t as easily meet the growing demands for care. But with the support of many donors, volunteers, and professionals, we have developed and manage more than 220 community-based homes serving more than 1,000 men and women since 1984. In keeping with our mission, homes developed by NCCH are safe, comfortable, and affordable, and are designed to empower persons with disabilities to live fuller, more independent lives. Working with County Boards of Developmental Disabilities and local Mental Health agencies, North Coast Community Homes has homes in more than 60 cities across Northeast Ohio.

With increased demands on individuals’ time and attention, more and more people look to connect virtually. They also expect those virtual interactions to be meaningful. Unfortunately, the majority of websites for organization, North Coast Community Homes included provide information only. Most sites ae not structured to provide opportunities for meaningful engagement and interaction.

We believe if our website offered better opportunities to engage and interact it would increase our traffic and also our reach. In addition to providing homes for people with developmental disabilities and mental illness, we have the opportunity to be powerful advocates for the people we serve. A more robust and interactive site may also provide more and better opportunities for us also engage our residents and their families.

Website Interactivity Needs

In a CITO Research white paper sponsored by Oracle, the organization drafted powerful questions that focus on how to create a meaningful web based interactions for customers. Some factors including how to recognize social media friends when they come to the website or how to recognize customers who are repeat visitors to the site. While these may be beyond the scope of what the Federal Reserve team can do or suggest, they represent out of the box solutions for better interacting with potential donors, advocates, and friends and family of our residents with developmental disabilities or serious mental illness.

We envision our site being more robust, with space t share stories, engage with stories and other content, as well as useful spaces that might create meaningful experiences for people who visit our site.

Currently, our site is focused on one type of audience: potential donors. How do we craft it so it is also is useful to other audiences, for example parents of adult children who are our residents or even individuals aren’t aware of/have no connection to people with special needs?

Some solutions may be changing the layout or hierarchy/architecture of the site itself. Other solutions may be the use of interactive galleries, special content pages, as well as perhaps spaces where individuals can share content as well. We don’t know. So, we look to the Federal Reserve web project team for help.