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North Coast Accessible Homes is featured in a full page article in Mimi Magazine, distributed to tens of thousands of homes across Northeast Ohio. 

Stories of our ability to help older adults and people with disabilities remain independent in their own homes are already generating calls from those interested in Accessibility Modifications.  

Please, share the article with someone you know who wants to stay in their own home as long as they can!

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NCCH Resident Honored by County

Kelly Petty, CCBDD Superintendent | Steve Peoples, NCCH Resident | Tim Clemens, S.A.W. President

A North Coast Community Homes resident is among 11 individuals honored by the Cuyahoga County Board of Development Disabilities.  Steve Peoples received the “I Make a Difference” award this week at a luncheon ceremony attended by hundreds of guests at Windows on the River in downtown Cleveland.

Steve and his peers are employed in the community through Solutions at Work (S.A.W.), a partner agency of the County Board which supports the hiring of people with developmental disabilities.  In presenting the award to Steve, CCBDD Superintendent Kelly Petty had high praise.

“Steve trains at the Euclid Adult Activities Center working on various assembly, packaging, and sorting jobs,” Petty told the luncheon attendees.  “Steve is a leader among his peers and is an elected member of Euclid’s Worker Council. Through his involvement on the Worker Council, he advocates on behalf of his peers.”

“Steve is a very caring individual and always has something complimentary to say to everyone he encounters throughout the day.  Steve always makes others feel welcome and accepted.”

North Coast Community Homes is proud of Steve Peoples and all our residents who make a difference for themselves and those around them.  Businesses considering hiring people with developmental disabilities can contact the Employment Collaborative of Cuyahoga County at 216-931-7348, by email at

Still Thriving!

If anyone knows how much a North Coast Community Home means to a person with a disability, it’s Ian Abrams, who has a more than three decade history with our organization.  Brian Abrams, one of Ian’s two brothers who have disabilities, has lived in NCCH’s very first home, located in Shaker Heights, for more than 30 years!

“NCCH has allowed individuals with disabilities, such as my brother, to live a complete life on their own,” Abrams states gratefully.  “This organization helps rebuild and sustain the lives of those who are challenged, those like Brian who need a home.”

Ian and Gloria Abrams have been among NCCH’s most loyal and involved supporters over the years, and a plaque on Lomond House testifies to their generosity.  “Glor and I are proud to be able to donate, support, be on the board, and give time to North Coast Community Homes,” Abrams declares.  “Brian has had a complete life for the past 30 years.” 

Please help us support more wonderful people like Brian to build and sustain lives of dignity and hope!


Among the biggest challenges North Coast Community Homes has faced over the last 30 years has been providing safe, comfortable, and affordable housing for people like Barb and Wes of Akron who live with severe mental illness.  “I was homeless and out on the streets,” Barb remembers.  “If it wasn’t for North Coast, I would not have a place to live.  Before North Coast it was very hard, very stressful. But now I am doing a lot better.”

Wes faced similar struggles, living in garages, basements, and backyards since the age of 14.  But since finding a home with NCCH he has been accomplishing one goal after another, and has emerged as a leader among his peers, and helps to maintain and beautify his and other NCCH homes.

“I see daily what a difference having a place to call home means,” notes Ann Klein, a pharmacist specializing in mental illness and a long time NCCH Trustee.  “This is where NCCH really changes lives.  NCCH homes provide a safe spot.  Our safe, affordable homes save our clients.”

All 21 NCCH homes in Summit County are for men and women dealing with mental illness.  They are the foundation upon which our residents can begin building their lives.  “I am thankful to be part of an organization that is helping with a solution rather than just pointing out the troubles and offering no help,” Klein says.  “Sometimes I forget to tell everyone at NCCH how thankful I am for all that is done.”

None of this would be possible without your generous support.  Please join us in turning these challenging situations into success stories for more men and women who struggle with mental illness, by making a gift today to North Coast Community Homes.


The Westlake home Nicole Calloway and Zachary Evans share with two other housemates is never short on joyful noise.  Zachary proudly plays a tune on his keyboard for a visitor, while Nicole breaks into song.  They’ve been North Coast Community Homes residents for more than 20 years and love their home.

“I like it here,” Zachary offers, “we get along with all the people.”  Both enjoy their day to day activities, including home cooked meals, even the simple ones.  “The people who take care of me cook for me,” Nicole explains, and mentions her preference for hot dogs over Zachary’s favorite, hamburgers.

Having a productive job makes them proud.  “I work at River Copy and Mail, and put stuff in envelopes and bags,” says Zach.  “I work hard putting things together,” adds Nicole.  Then her thoughts quickly come back home with a simple announcement, “North Coast homes are great!”

This is the kind of joy that your gift to North Coast Community Homes can bring over and over again.  Please make sure that Nicole and Zach never have to worry again about where they are going to live, by making a generous donation today in support of our mission!


When Cleveland Indians fans arrive at Progressive Field to cheer on their favorite team, chances are they will be welcomed by North Coast Community Homes resident Robin Lee.  For 20 years, Robin has been involved at nearly every Indians game, from operating the elevator that leads to the upper levels of the ballpark, to her current job as one of the team’s official greeters. 

“I hope this is the year,” she says of the Indians’ chances of finally winning the World Series.  Robin recalls working during the 1995 and 1997 World Series, and of course the Indians incredible run in 2016.  “It was just awesome.”

The longtime resident of an NCCH home in University Heights, calls her experience with North Coast Community Homes “wonderful,” and appreciates having a home where she can be as independent as possible.

The only way we can assure that Robin maintains that independence is through your gift to North Coast Community Homes.  Fans of the Cleveland Indians are especially welcome!


North Coast Community Homes could not have a better ambassador than Jason.  “I love this house!” he exclaims as he starts giving every visitor to his NCCH home in Solon a complete tour inside and out.  “It makes me happy.”  Jason and his 3 housemates are thriving now, after NCCH brought them out of a state institution and gave them a home of their own.

“What was that man ever doing in a state institution?” asks an NCCH supporter who got to know Jason and his friends who live with intellectual and other disabilities.   They are all part of NCCH’s efforts to assist in the downsizing of state institutions and the transitioning of residents into appropriate community-based settings where they can live like anyone else – in a home of their own. 

This is the heart of our mission, made possible only through your generous support.  Don’t let Jason’s remarkable transformation and love of life fade – make your gift to North Coast Community Homes today so he never has to look back to the past he’d rather not remember.


It’s hard enough dealing with the challenges which life brings, and often much more difficult for a person who has a disability.  That was the case with Ron, a man with an intellectual disability, when his parents died.  

Because of North Coast Community Homes, Ron was able to stay in the very same home he once shared with his parents.  Your tax-deductible support today means NCCH will be able to maintain Ron in that home, and assure that he continues to make a difficult transition more easily.   Can he please count on you?


“When you are told you have a child with a problem, you live with that your whole life, knowing that someday they will still be here and you will not.  That is a horrible fear for parents.”  

This is the challenge faced by Linda Kast and her husband Dale because their daughter Judy has significant disabilities.  Linda and Dale took their fears and hopes to North Coast Community Homes, and the result is the beautiful, fully accessible home Judy now shares with two other young women in Mentor.

It’s a home that is always filled with joy and love, especially when Linda and Dale make one of their frequent trips to visit their daughter.  “We have seen a change in her. Judy is more active now, she’s happy,” says Dale. “I don’t know what to say other than this is a blessing.  North Coast Community Homes is there for us, and we are truly, truly grateful.”

So many families need homes for their adult children who have disabilities.  With your support, we were able to be there for the Kast family.  Please help us be there for more families with your tax-deductible gift today to North Coast Community Homes.

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