Safe, Comfortable, Quality Homes

The mission of North Coast Community Homes is to develop and maintain safe, comfortable, quality homes for people with disabilities in Northeast Ohio. We endeavor to meet this goal by listening carefully to the special needs of each of our residents and then developing a home that meets the needs as cost effectively as possible.

One of our residents manifested aggressive behavior when she was triggered by shiny objects. With this in mind, North Coast Community Homes created a home for her that minimized all shiny surfaces and her sister wrote this in response, “I can’t overstate what it meant for my sister’s quality of life to have an environment that allowed her to feel secure. Please know that having a home that accommodated her sensory challenges gave her freedom to connect with people and to enjoy her daily life in a way that those of us who loved her so much and knew her long difficult history could have never imagined.”

We also have a resident whose disability causes her to break windows. After a significant amount of research, North Coast Community Homes was able to locate a glass product that would help to insure the safety of this resident.

Other specialized features include grab bars, walk-in showers, magnetic locks, widened doorways to accommodate wheelchairs, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and ramps to name a few.

To help protect our residents from fire emergencies, fire suppression systems are installed in the hoods above stoves in all our properties. In homes where residents require additional time to vacate their homes in case of a fire emergency, sprinkler systems are installed.

For additional information on homes developed by North Coast Community Homes, please call 216-662-1880.

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