North Coast Community Homes develops and maintains homes for people in Northeast Ohio with development disabilities, mental illness, and other disabilities. Our rental homes typically are home to four individuals. Each home is customized to meet specific needs of the residents as you will see in the photographs on this page. Accessible and safe bathroom facilities, exterior and interior ramps for wheelchair access, and fire safety equipment are a few of the modifications that we install.

North Coast Community Homes develops community based homes for people with disabilities when requests are made by the County Boards of Developmental Disabilties in CuyahogaLake, and Stark Counties and The Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Services Board in Summit County.

The Boards identify the people who need a home and also provide the care provider agencies for the people who will be living in the home. The Boards specify the level of customization required in each home that will be required to meet the special needs of the prospective residents. North Coast Community Homes (NCCH) also meets with the prospective residents to listen to their needs and wants and to determine the best location for the home.

When initial information is obtained, NCCH then looks for an appropriate home to purchase. Design and/or renovation details are developed and construction follows.

NCCH Residents seeing their new home for the first time while it was still under construction

It is always a special day when the selected residents are able to view their home for the first time.

Funding for housing development is obtained from a variety of sources, including municipalities, county boards, the state of Ohio, the federal government through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), foundation grants, corporate supporters, and individual contributors.

NCCH’s work includes interior and exterior maintenance for the majority of its properties. Maintenance includes capital expenditures, such as the replacement of roofs, installation of new driveways, and window replacements, as well as smaller needs, such as leaking toilets, electrical problems, and painting. NCCH goes beyond the normal responsibilities of a landlord by providing and maintaining all appliances and providing landscaping services, including snow and ice removal in the winter months in most of its properties.

Safety of our residents is the number one priority of NCCH. All NCCH homes have interconnected fire and carbon monoxide alarms. Fire suppression systems in the hoods above each stove have been installed to help protect our residents. Sprinkling systems are installed in homes where residents need more time to vacate a home in case of emergeny. All alarm and fire safety systems are monitored monthly by NCCH Maintenance staff to insure their continued effectiveness.

People who live in homes provided by NCCH sign lease agreements and pay rent. NCCH strives to keep rents affordable as our residents have among the lowest incomes in the United States, about $8,500 annually. HUD regulations limit the amount of rent a landlord can charge to tenants receiving vouchers under the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP – formerly Section 8). These limitations are based on HUD’s estimate of fair market value. This limitation has caused a significant gap between rents our residents actually pay and our costs of development and maintenance of special needs housing.

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