People with disabilities need our support. Every year we meet new families struggling with the question

“What will happen to my child when I’m gone?”

We provide the answer by providing a home for nearly 700 special individuals. Our homes are customized to the specific need of our residents, whether those needs are physical or behavioral.

We need a little of your help to support the needs of special people in Ohio.

Taking care of so many special people in homes customized to their safety and needs isn’t easy. We need donations from caring people like you, so we can continue providing a good, safe home for the special people we serve.

Please consider a one time gift or a small monthly donation? Whatever you can afford will help. Your gift is 100% tax-deductible, and you’ll feel good knowing you’re making the lives of people living with disabilities better.

Your generous gift will keep nearly 700 residents safe in more than 200 happy homes across Ohio.

Won’t you give a little something to help us give someone with a developmental disability or a severe mental illness a place they can call home?

You can be confident that we’ll put your generous gift to work immediately, to help us develop more houses into homes for people with developmental disabilities, serious mental illness, and other disabilities. We are also committed to enhancing the lives of our residents by providing well-maintained housing that is customized to their specific challenges, as well as providing opportunities for engagement with the community.  We believe that every individual should be able to live a life that is safe, comfortable, and full of dignity.

Thank you for helping us bring comfort, dignity, joy, and independence to more wonderful people!