General Support

Your unrestricted general support donation immediately helps develop and maintain homes for current and future residents of North Coast Community Homes and our highest operating needs.

Government funding is becoming more limited and foundation and corporate supports are influenced by swings in economic conditions. Donations to our Annual Fund from individuals are critical in providing for our on-going operations as well as in the development of new properties for the many people who are waiting for appropriate housing in the six counties we currently serve — Cuyahoga, Lake, Stark, Erie, Ottawa, and Summit.

Donations may be made online with a credit card or by calling 216-662-1880 or by check.

Annual Fund contributions to North Coast Community Homes, a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization, are fully tax deductible. All donors will receive a gift receipt letter acknowledging their donation.


“I believe in helping people,” said Agnes Gaso, founding member of the North Coast Community Homes Endowment Fund.

Gifts to the North Coast Community Homes (NCCH) Endowment Fund can be restricted or unrestricted. You may stipulate that your funds be restricted and held in perpetuity allowing only earnings from these funds to be used to fulfill the operating needs of NCCH. Or, you may name your funds as unrestricted enabling the use of your funds as needs arise.

The Endowment Fund of North Coast Community Homes is managed by The Cleveland Foundation.

An initial gift can establish a personalized named fund that can leave a lasting legacy for a cause that you feel is significant and needful of continuing support. Named funds now open for contributions include Esterita Blumberg Memorial Fund, Agnes Gaso Endowment Fund, Billy Gross Memorial Fund, Janet McPeake Memorial Fund, Barbara S. Rosenthal Endowment Fund and Bernice Shamis Memorial Fund.

To make a gift to the NCCH Endowment Fund, you may donate online with your credit card or call 216-662-1880 or by check payable to North Coast Community Homes.

For any questions relating to endowment gifts, please call 216-662-1880.

North Coast Community Homes is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization. Contributions to the NCCH are tax deductible. 

Planned Giving

Your planned gift can help build a life by providing security and shelter to some of the most vulnerable among us, while also providing life-long income and tax deductions for yourself and your family. North Coast Community Homes can help you in determining what type of planned gift will best meet your financial, tax and estate planning, family benefits, and charity support objectives.

​Available Gift Plans

Gifts of Appreicated Securities — stocks, bonds or mutual funds held for more than one year. Owners of appreciated assets can obtain substantial tax benefits by transferring those assets directly to North Coast Community Homes. Donors will receive an income tax deduction equal to the fair market value of the stock on the effective date of the gift, and they will avoid having to pay capital gains taxes on the appreciated value of the stock.

Real Estate — gifts of real estate will entitle the owner of the property to an income tax deduction based on the appraised value of the property. North Coast Community Homes reserves the right to carefully examine each piece of real estate prior to its acceptance as a gift, in order to reduce the possibility of liability issues related to the property.

Bequests — specific gift of cash or property or as a percentage of the remainder of an estate in your will or trust to North Coast Community Homes. North Coast Community Homes may be named as the primary or secondary beneficiary in a will, enabling donors the opportunity to provide for their heirs first and North Coast Community Homes second. 

Life Insurance — You may donate a fully paid-up policy, naming North Coast Community Homes irrevocable owner and beneficiary, or you may donate a policy on which premiums are still owed, naming North Coast Community Homes irrevocable owner and beneficiary, or you may purchase a new policy naming North Coast Community Homes irrevocable owner and beneficiary. Each option offers different tax benefits.

Gifts of Retirement Assets — naming North Coast Community Homes as the primary or secondary beneficiary of a retirement plan, i.e. IRA, 401k, Keogh, or other qualified plan. Donors can reduce or eliminate income and estate taxes and increase the amounts passing to their heirs through this type of planned gift. 

Charitable Gift Annuity — a contract between North Coast Community Homes and a donor, providing for the payment of life income at a fixed rate. The pay-out rate increases with the age of the beneficiary(ies). The donor receives an income tax deduction in the year of the gift and a portion of each payment is treated as tax-free income. A gift annuity may be established with a low minimum gift of $10,000, making it an affordable option. With a deferred gift annuity, income payments do not begin until a future date, chosen by the donor.

Pooled Income Fund — operates like a mutual fund. Your gift of cash or securities is pooled with those of other donors and invested naming North Coast Community Homes as one of the beneficiaries. All income paid from a pooled income fund is taxed as ordinary income to the beneficiaries.

Charitable Remainder Trust — makes payments, either a fixed amount or a percentage of trust principal to whomever the donor chooses to receive income. At the end of the trust term, North Coast Community Homes receives whatever amount is left in the trust. 

Charitable Lead Trust — enables a donor to support North Coast Community Homes now while preserving a large portion of his/her estate and passing the assets tax-free to him/herself or his/her heirs. 

The information presented above is not intended for legal or financial advice. For professional advice, please consult an attorney or a financial counselor of your choice. If you do not know someone to contact, North Coast Community Homes can provide a list of possible contacts.

For additional Information on planned gifts, please call 216-662-1880.

Memorial and Honor Tributes

You may make a gift of remembrance or a living tribute of honor to a friend or loved one while also helping to support our worthwhile cause. A note acknowledging your tribute will be sent to the person or persons you designate.

You may make this type of contribution online with your credit card, by calling 216-662-1880 or by check.

Your contribution is fully tax deductible.