As a non-profit dedicated to making our communities better and homes safer and more livable for people with developmental disabilities, serious mental illness, and other disabilities it’s critical that we’re here for the long haul. Part of our duty is to prepare for the future.

We’ve started providing specialty home remodeling and accessibility modifications for private homeowners through our sister organization – North Coast Accessible Homes! That’s a long name to remember, so you can also visit us online at:

North Coast Accessible Homes is a for-profit spin-off. It’s still tied to our mission in many ways – and it will help fund the important work we do now and into the future!

As an organization, we have more than 30 years of experience modifying and renovating homes to make them comfortable, beautiful, safe, and accessible. It just makes sense that we’d begin providing this service to people looking to age-in-place, parents of children with disabilities, veterans, and others.

Our caring experts can help identify your most immediate home improvement and safety needs. We also recommend renovations and upgrades to consider down the road.

North Coast Accessible Homes is your one-stop-shop.

Visit them today and get a free home safety and accessibility consultation!