We Build Communities

When you give of your time, talents, and money to North Coast Community Homes , you’re literally helping to build strong, positive, prosperous communities. The beautiful homes we provide to our residents are high quality. It’s important to us that our residents live with dignity, in appropriate housing. It’s also important that we are seen as good stewards and good neighbors in our residents’ communities. With your generous support we can turn more houses into homes for Ohio’s vulnerable.

Our Good Works

With the support of many donors, volunteers, and professionals like you, we have developed and manage more than 200 community-based homes serving more than 600 men and women since 1984. Our vision is to be the leader in fulfilling the housing needs of persons with disabilities. We work to find the best possible properties for special needs housing. We make many modifications to each home including fire safety systems, wheelchair ramps, and more so all can live in dignity & comfort .

Your Generosity of Spirit

We know that not everyone is in a position to give. There are also many valuable causes. Ours present a special challenge, because the people we serve do not have their own voice. They can’t ask you for your help and to give hope. We also recognize that our donors have a very special generosity. They have the means to do for others, what they cannot do for themselves. 

If you are able to support our work through a donation, however large or small, we thank you. We sincerely thank you for your generosity and goodness. 


Won’t you consider giving today?