North Coast Community Homes (NCCH) is excited to be developing four new homes for adults with special needs. The homes are located in Madison, in Lake County. Each of the houses will be home to four people with developmental disabilities. And each home has been specially modified.

All of NCCH’s homes are customized based on the specific mobility and safety needs of the residents who will live there. That’s important. Without the special customizations done by NCCH, the homes simply wouldn’t be as safe as they need to be. The lack of special accommodations would also limit the independence and happiness of each of the residents. It can be challenging enough for an individual with special needs to feel comfortable in public spaces that aren’t always suited to their needs. That makes it even more imperative for their home to be a place they can feel whole and comfortable.

The homes are an important addition to each of the neighborhoods they’ll be a part of. Not only is it an opportunity for the community to get to know people who have developmental or intellectual disabilities as their neighbors, the residents themselves get to live in a home they love.

Some of the residents toured what would become their new home for the first time on September 26, 2017. There’s something poetic about the fact that the home is on a street called “Abiding Way”. We hope this will be their home for a long, long time to come. It certainly seemed to suit the gentlemen.

Suzanne Seifert, CEO of NCCH, remarked that one of the young men immediately went and picked out a room. “He just went in, looked around, and then plopped down on the floor in the center of the room.” She said, smiling. “It was as if he was saying. This one, this one right here is mine!”

That gentleman will have the joy of moving into his new home and claiming his room, permanently, next month. Another home will open in June, once all the updates and modifications have been made. Those modifications include things like widening doorways and some hallways to ensure they’re wheelchair accessible. Making sure the bathrooms are redone, so that they’re safe and accessible, is a critical task taken on by the NCCH team as well.

There are two additional homes planned for Madison. It’s a process to find one that’s available and appropriate. A lot of things go into the decision, including understanding the neighborhood and determining how many and what types of renovations would be necessary.

But Madison isn’t the only location where Michelle Marshall, NCCH’s COO, is looking to expand.

“We have two homes planned for Cuyahoga County. The first one will be for a group of three siblings. Their cousin is joining them as well.” mentioned Marshall. “It’s nice that we’ll be able to help them be in a home altogether. That seems pretty important to them.”

The sad reality is that, for many adults with developmental or other disabilities, an appropriate home they can call their own is not a guarantee. Even those individuals who live with their families may need to transition to another home at some point, as their parents get older and aren’t as able to give constant care and support. That’s why it’s such a celebration when NCCH opens a new house for new residents to call “home.”

We can’t wait until we can welcome these new residents into the North Coast Community Homes family!