As we head fully into the holiday season, it’s hard to take a moment and pause amidst all the rush. But we’re taking that moment now, because reflecting on and appreciating our past renews us for the coming year.

When we discussed this issue of Heartbeats, we went back and forth about what we could write and share. And then into a moment of silence someone dropped a small stone:

“It’s Thanksgiving. Why don’t we take the opportunity to give thanks?”

Of course. It seems so simple, but how often do we really pause to say thank you? To give and receive gratitude? To take a moment to reflect and experience all we have to be thankful for?

All of us at North Coast Community Homes owe thanks to more individuals then we could list here. And we wouldn’t want to forget anyone, so instead of focusing on each person, we’ll talk about the communities we’re grateful to be a part of.

Our Residents

We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t have a wonderful, beautiful, loving community of residents to serve. Each of us are touched, either through direct experience or stories from family and friends, by the trust, openness, kindness, compassion, and love our residents put out into the world each and every day. While we may sometimes think of you as “some of Ohio’s most vulnerable”, you’re also some of Ohio’s most beautiful people. We’re so thankful for the opportunity you’ve given us to experience a greater purpose. We’re grateful that you challenge us to remember what it means to have and to provide a “home.”

Our Donors

While we wish that there were unlimited resources, there are not. But with the kindness and generosity of our many donors we’re able to do more than provide a simple roof over someone’s head. When you give, you give us the means to realize our mission of providing safe, comfortable, and affordable housing for people with developmental disabilities, serious mental illness, and other disabilities. The generosity of those who are able and willing to give allows us to grow, expand our own helping hand, and do more to build and support the people (sons, daughters, brothers, sisters) we serve. Whether you contribute cash, property, your time, or hot dogs and hamburgers for a community picnic – we are thankful for your continued, unwavering support.

Our Partners

Our relationship with the home health care providers, who also serve our residents, continues to grow and prosper. It’s wonderful, because we understand it could be different. And we’re thankful for how often our wonderful partners, whether it’s the home health care teams, our vendors, or others, reach out and try to do that little bit extra to make the lives of our residents a little bit more fulfilled and happy. It’s amazing what people dedicated to a common purpose can accomplish. We’re grateful to have a community of professionals who we can partner and grow beside. We look forward to doing more, together.

Our Staff

It should never go without saying that we appreciate the exceptional hard work, dedication, enthusiasm, commitment, and passion of the people who work for and with North Coast Community Homes. Our team are our ambassadors. You give voice to our values. You demonstrate our commitment to the important work we do and the dream we have every single day you come to work. And what’s incredible? You give so very much of your own time and efforts, because you have good hearts that are full of care for the people we serve. We couldn’t do it without you.