North Coast Community Homes is working hard to live its mission. But why? What does it mean to “live the mission” and why would you want to?

As a small non-profit looking to make a big impact, living the mission means striving to ensure the work is always somehow moving the mission forward – making it a reality in some way, however small. It means connecting passion to purpose. It means reflecting on the lessons from the past, while always looking forward to the future and the goals. It means building on each accomplishment, big or small, one step at a time. And NCCH has had some recent accomplishments.

For example, we recently won a $1,000 grant from Grants Plus. Normally, Grants Plus is involved with helping nonprofits create a grant funding strategy to link up with grants. This time, they’re the giving the grant. It’s the first time they’ve ever done this. At a 10 year celebration they asked participants to talk about their organization, it’s mission, and what they do to make their vision a reality. Grants Plus was impressed with NCCH’s goal of turning houses into homes.

Awareness around NCCH is growing in other ways too. Recently the for-profit arm of the organization, North Coast Accessible Homes (Accessible Homes), got a commercial on Fox News. You can check it out here –