The amount of work done by the maintenance team at North Coast Community Homes is huge. Considering there are 7 people on the team, the fact that they’ve completed 2522 work orders in one year is mind boggling. However, it isn’t the volume of the work, per se, that Mike Howard focuses on. It’s the quality of the lives NCCH residents experience.

Howard is the maintenance supervisor for NCCH. He oversees the workflow and staff for the maintenance team. He’s also brimming with ideas and inspiration for how to help NCCH realize its mission and improve the lives of the residents the organization serves.

On September 27, 2017, he hosted an agenda packed maintenance summit with healthcare providers who support residents in the houses NCCH owns.

“It was really Suzanne [Seifert]. She said she wanted us to get to know the other’s perspective more.” corrects Howard “I wouldn’t have put the program together if she hadn’t said we need to look at things differently. She deserves the credit.”

That seems to be Howard through and through. He’s not boisterous or loud. The fire in him burns soft and steady, but it’s clearly there as he shares thoughts, ideas, and opportunities for the organization to improve how and what they do.

By all accounts the maintenance summit was successful. Staff on both sides shared their commitment to the residents, and discussed ways they could improve their partnerships. They discussed innovative ideas, like group purchasing to help drive down costs of materials that might be used at any of the 200 homes NCCH owns or manages.  But that wasn’t the most important thing, according to Howard.

“It really opened the door to better communication,” remarked Howard. “There was a commitment from everyone to make a phone call and communicate before an issue goes too far, whether it’ a maintenance issue or anything we might see in the house. We basically communicated we’re on the same side and need to be there for our tenants.”