EDIT (12/20/2017): If you’ve been with us as we transition and rebuild the site, you’ve no doubt seen a lot of progress. There’s still more to be done!

In the coming days, you’ll see more posts, a new team page introducing you to our internal team, as well as to our board members. We hope to also share some of the projects were working on, and how you can support those causes.

Thank you for supporting us as we rebuild the website and continue our mission of providing safe, comfortable, and affordable housing to those with developmental disabilities, serious mental illness, and other disabilities!


We’re still here, and we’re still dedicated to our mission of providing affordable, comfortable, and safe housing for people with developmental disabilities, mental illness, and other disabilities.

The future will be bringing some amazing things, that we’re excited to share with you. So, please, we ask that you bear with us as we make some adjustments to our website.